Crew doubles your R$ and fame

Your achievements will be appreciated by them and they will give you a free offer!

The first three crew members will be unlocked as you progress through “Racing School Basic”.
But if you don’t know what they will work, you may be leaving them alone.
Now let me tell you how to hire them effectively.

Manager Michael: Winning the race that hired him doubles R $. You pay 1G to hire him. Or he may give you a free offer.

Agent Natalie: Winning a race that hires her doubles your fame. You pay 1G to hire her. Or she may give you a free offer.

Engineer Eric: Winning the race that hired him will restore the car to its pre-race condition.

Here are some guidelines for hiring them …

Races with high winning R $ and high fame points

As a general rule, use it in races with high R $ and fame points. For example, hire them to win a “drag race”. Well it doesn’t make sense. A “cup” is better than that. Also, among cup races, races with a large number of laps or high grades have greater merits.

Don’t hire in a losing race

No matter how high the winning R $ is, we will not hire them in races where we are likely to lose. Especially if you paid 1G, it will be useless. If it’s a free offer, you might hire them for the chance of winning.

Hire for a daily bonus race

Daily bonuses may multiply the R $ and fame of the first race. Hiring them for that time will double your daily bonus.

Engineer is the savior of time

Great for machine repair when you don’t have time. Hire an engineer and you’ll be back in the race immediately or at low cost. Especially effective for “special events” with time restrictions.

There is no doubt that the free offer is the most efficient. Join more and more races and get free offers. Go for it!

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