You can get 20G a day!

You can also earn R $ 340,000 a day!

I will tell you how to earn 20G daily with Real Racing 3. You can earn not only Gold but also R $ 340,000 a day.
If you continue for one month (31 days), it will be 620G + R $ 10,540,000. I put an image of Porsche below to imagine how much 600G is.

Even if you are a beginner who is suffering from a lack of funds, this may increase your motivation to proceed with the game.

However, this method may be for a limited time, and conditions may vary from country to country.
By the way, I am a Japanese non-paying racer. If you’ve read and tried this blog, please leave a comment to see if it worked.

The method is very simple. “Watch ads and get rewards”

A free G or free R $ tab will appear below the store button.
First, repeat watching the advertisement video that day and get the first 5G. Then the tab will switch from G to R $.
If you continue to watch the ad video, you will get a reward of R $ 2,000 each time.
Repeat this 20 times for a total of R $ 40,000.
Then the tab will switch to G again. Earn 5G again in the same way.
The second round of R $ ads have been viewed 50 times. Earn a total of R $ 100,000.
When completed, the tab will change to G again and you will get 5G.
Then you try to watch the R $ ad 100 times. Get a total of R $ 200,000.
Finally, with 5G again, the day’s harvesting work is over.

Do I have to watch the ad video 170 times! !! Is there anyone screaming?

Advertising videos can be as long as 30 seconds, 20 seconds or 15 seconds, and as short as 5 seconds, and the tempo is surprisingly good.
Make a note of your R$ value at the start, as you won’t know how many times you’ve watched it.

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