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“Real Racing 3” The best mobile racing game

This is the No. 1 mobile racing game in terms of realism, rich content, and global player population.

“Real Racing 3” recreates all kinds of car racing, from road racing to Le Mans and Formula 1.

There is a lot of content in Real Racing 3, and you can access each race from the home screen.
In the career advancement simulation called “Road Collection”, you start off racing road cars like Nissan, Ford, and BMW. As your career progresses, you will be challenged to race supercars such as Porsche, Ferrari, and Lamborghini.

In the category of “Motorsports”, you can choose to compete in groups such as Formula 1, Formula E, NASCAR, GT4, Eurotrack, GT3, IMSA, Endurance GT and other endurance races. For example, in Formula 1, you can choose a racing driver such as Max Verstappen of Red Bull Honda or Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes-Benz and race in the cockpit of that driver. Of course, the race takes place on the actual circuit where the race is held.

Real Racing 3 can be enjoyed to the fullest even without paying.

Such a great game can be enjoyed for free without any restrictions. It’s really great. Of course, you can buy racing machines and in-game currency (M$, R$, GOLD) with real money. If you have enough money and not enough time, this may be another way. However, I think we are more interested in thinking of financial strategies and improving our driving techniques because we enjoy the game without paying.

This site summarizes “Real Racing 3” Racing and Car related topics.
It will consist of a feature page summarizing some of the themes that appear in the navigation menu and blog posts divided into several categories.

Special pages

  • Money tactics ;
    Summary of how to earn Car purchase funds and Upgrade funds.
  • Events ;
    Information about various race events held at RR3.
  • Circuit info ;
    Introduction and information on the circuit where the race will be held.
  • Cars ;
    Information about cars registered in RR3

Blog post category

  • blog ;
    Topics, news, etc. at that time
  • Ranking ;
    Global ranking information such as time trials
  • Tips ;
    Tips, driving techniques, etc. in advancing the game

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