I got the Alfa Romeo Giulietta TCR

I completed the “Alfa Romeo Giulietta TCR Championship” and got this car. This car usually sells for 180 Gold, so I was able to turn it into an upgrade cost. Upgrade levels is 3333333 at that time. The PR is 47.1.
Due to the effect of the rear wing, the grip is as high as 1.43G, and it goes well with front-wheel drive. Even when the race track is crowded with rival cars, this Giulietta TCR allows the vehicle body to follow the delicate movements of the steering and overtake smoothly.

By the way, TCR in the car name is a regulation of Touring Car Racing vehicles operated by WSC under FIA.
As you can see, this race car is based on the current Giulietta and has been modified for racing. Although it has a powerful over fender and rear wing peculiar, it does not lose its Giulietta character.
Similarly, the machines participating in other TCRs are full-fledged and powerful racing machines, but the image of the regular model is solid. The TCR series is a place where such machines compete.

Only 3 models are registered in RR3 from Alfa Romeo (2021.5), and this car is a valuable one of them. This car is available in the Pro / Am bonus series “GIULIETTA Jam”. There are two excellent designs with Alfa Romeo’s unique exterior such as stickers and wrapping, and it is a car that you definitely want to get.
[Body price] 180 Gold
[Race that can be participated] 1. Pro / Am : GUILIETTA Jam (Bonus Series)
Unfortunately, we can only race in the 1 series above so far.

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