What is the best settings?

Your steering sensitivity may be too low!

There was a topic on Reddit about the steering wheel controls being trashed. So he did a survey about the controls and steering sensitivity. I was surprised by some of the survey results, which revealed ways to improve your driving speed by adjusting certain settings.

Now, the results of the survey on the controls were as follows.

For clarity, the list is…

  1. 45 Gyro. Low sensitivity( 0 – 3 )
  2. 45 Gyro. Medium sensitivity( 4 – 6 )
  3. 36 Gyro. High sensitivity( 7 – 10 )
  4. ( Virtual wheels are out of the discussion )

We have found a trend in the steering sensitivity settings of Real Racing 3 game users. The survey shows that a whopping 70% of respondents set their settings from medium to lower (requiring a greater tilt angle of the device).

Let’s check how far the steering wheel turns!

In my experience, increasing the sensitivity of the steering wheel can help you drive faster. Please see the video of the difference in driving by sensitivities.

You can see in this replay that I have turned the steering sensitivity down to 3 so I have to turn the steering wheel a lot. Please check once you turn your replay to cockpit view to see how much the steering wheel is turning.

Settings should be changed according to the situation.

  • Increase sensitivity when the subtlety and agility of the tilt operation improves.
    • Don’t be afraid to experiment with different sensitivity settings to find what works best for you.
  • Change the sensitivity to match the race track.
    • For example, the way you steer is very different between Monaco and an oval circuit.
  • Change the sensitivity to match the performance of the car.
    • Cars with high grip respond with high sensitivity, but cars with low grip slip easily.

First, be aware that the environment of the steering setup is constantly changing. You can always access the controls by pressing the pause button and then the settings button, even during a race.
If you think the car is good to go, you can raise it, and if it slides, you can lower it. Since the steering wheel operation is slowed down, the tires don’t suddenly slip and you get a sticky feel to the grip.

Try different settings to find the one that helps you drive the fastest, and keep on racing!

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