I got the MAZDA MX-5 [NA] !

MX-5 Drift Spec Upgrade!

I completed the Season 2, Round 4 MAZDA MX-5 [NA] Limited Series and won the MIATA MX-5 [NA]. I experienced the debut of this first generation Eunos Roadster in real time when I was young. The retractable headlights, which were an external feature of this car, were shocking because it looked like a supercar.

Now, I have upgraded this car with 644030 (PR is 5.6, Final Cup race entry requirement PR is 5.4). The aim of my upgrade was to make the car more drift-friendly. For this reason, I did not upgrade the tires and suspension. I am still out of practice, but by giving it a chance, I can easily start to slide.

However, drifting always decreases driving speed, so do not overuse it. Also, since the grip is weak, contact with other cars or steering errors during a race can cause the car to drift off the course, which can result in a significant loss of position.

Well, the only series I can run with this car so far is Road Collection > Season 2 > Miata Mastery. I’m going to drive it hard and practice drifting. Then keep racing!

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