Scuderia Ferrari, a workshop founded in 1929 by Enzo Ferrari, a race driver for Alfa Romeo, was the beginning of Ferrari. His main business was the development and production of race cars, and he began manufacturing production cars to finance his participation in races.

Enzo Ferrari - Wheel of a racing car

In the 1960s, due to financial difficulties, the company formed a partnership with Fiat, and in 1969 the road car division was entrusted to Fiat, with Enzo heading the racing division. After Enzo’s death in 1988, the racing division was also managed by Fiat.

Through this history, the production of high-quality production cars with racing technology and the revival of the F1 team were promoted, leading to the current Ferrari.

  • F40
    • Ferrari F40
  • F50
  • FF
  • 458 SPIDER
  • 458 ITALIA
  • 599 GTO
  • F12 TDF
  • 412 T2
  • 488 GTE
  • F14T
  • FXX K
  • 375 F1

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