Ferrari is a manufacturer that develops and manufactures race cars, founded in 1947 by Enzo Ferrari, who was a race driver for Alfa Romeo. Its predecessor was Scuderia Ferrari, which started as an Alfa Romeo dealership team in 1929.The company produced its first road car, the 166 Intel, based on the 166 MM, which had achieved good results in races, and began producing GT cars to order. The old model racing cars were re-tuned into production cars and sold mainly to celebrities.

The 250 Europa, developed by Aurelio Lampredi in 1953, and the 250 GT Europa, developed by Joacchino Colombo in 1954, were the first production cars. In addition, the 250GTO, registered in RR3, was a race car built to participate in the FIA World Championship.

In 1969, the road car division was given to Fiat, and the racing division, “Scuderia Ferrari”, was under the direction of Enzo. In 1988, Enzo died, and the racing division was taken over by Fiat.

Throughout this history, the production of high quality production cars using racing technology and the revival of F1 teams have led to the present day Ferrari.

  • F40
  • F50
  • FF
  • 458 SPIDER
  • 458 ITALIA
  • 599 GTO
  • F12 TDF
  • 412 T2
  • 488 GTE
  • F14T
  • FXX K
  • 375 F1

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