Ferrari F40

Ferrari 40th Anniversary Limited Edition

The Ferrari F40 is a legendary supercar introduced in 1987 under the direction of Enzo Ferrari to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Ferrari company. The body design was by Pininfarina. Basically, it was an extension of the 288 GTO, but it was wider and lower, and aerodynamic technology of F1 at that time was thoroughly applied.

The F40 is a true tribute to the golden age of supercars and remains a favorite among enthusiasts and collectors today. Its stunning design, incredible performance, and impressive racing record all contribute to the car’s legend. If you are a fan of supercars, the Ferrari F40 is definitely a worthy piece of machinery.

  • Overall length: 4358mm
  • Overall width: 1970mm
  • Overall height: 1124mm
  • Wheelbase: 2450mm
  • Vehicle Weight: 1,100kg
  • Drivetrain: RWD
  • Transmission: 6MT
  • Engine: V8 DOHC 2936cc ( Twin Turbo )
  • Maximum Power: 478HP / 7000rpm
  • Maximum Torque: 58.8kgm / 4000rpm
  • Tires: Front 245/40ZR17, Rear 335/35ZR17
POV F40 Driving, Drifting – DRIVE N SLIDE

F40 is a Car that earn the most R$.

It is common knowledge among mid-level game users of Real Racing 3 that the F40 is an effective car for earning R$ and fame. the F40 can compete in the following series.

  • V8 Performance Brawl / Pro-Am
  • Classic Ferrari Showdown / Master
  • Supercar Classic Crash / Legend

For example, the CLOUDMUSIQ Battle of Maranello, the final race of the Classic Ferrari Showdown, is a four-lap race around Le Mans with a higher reward for the longer distance driven. First place can earn 83,200 R$ 15200 Fame.

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