Money tactics

Maximize your winnings and don’t waste your money.

In Real Racing 3, there are three types of currency.
Racing Dollars (R $), Motor Sports Dollars (M $), and Gold (G)).
To advance the race series in RR3, you have to buy and upgrade the new car, so you need a lot of money. As a result, the game offers the option to purchase the three types of currency with real money in the in-game store.
Please wait for a while to spend real money on the desire of “I want a new car, a high-performance car!”.
Below is a summary of how to make money with RR3, so please follow these tips to earn more money.

R$ and gold method 

  1. Log in every single day and get daily bonus.
    You can get G, R $ and Fame with a login bonus. Make it a habit to log in even on busy days when you can’t play games. If you are absent for even one day of the month, you will lose your maximum gold bonus at the end of the month.
    If your driver level is promoted to Elite status, your G and R $ bonuses will be doubled.

  2. Earn G and R$ by watching ad videos.
    A “Free G” and “Free R$” offer will appear in the pop-up tab under the store. You can get up to 20G + R $ 340,000 in a day.
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  3. Earn bonuses for participating in the season’s rounds!
    Earn Gold directly from the Time Trials held in the rounds. Also, participate in special events, limited series, etc. to collect VP (Victory Points) and get rewards such as R$, M$, Gold, cars, discounted services, etc.
  4. Participate in races and win prizes R$ and Fame.
    It’s obvious. If you have the time, it’s a good idea to take part in races that get high scores repeatedly.

  5. Advance the series and get progress bonus.
    In each series, there is a bonus for clearing 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%. Please at least where you can get a progress bonus.
  6. Hire manager and agent and compete in high prize races repeatedly. 
    Hiring a manager doubles your R $, and hiring an agent doubles your fame. You usually have to pay 1G to hire, so it’s important to choose a race with good cost performance. It is good to match it with the daily bonus when R $ and fame are multiplied. Sometimes there are free offers so please try it first.
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How to earn M$

  • Participate in various races in the category
    In order to earn M $ in the motorsport category, it is essential to participate in various races within the category.
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  • Participate in daily races
    You can also get M $ by participating in the daily race on the home screen.
  • Up to M $ 250,000 per day
    M$ is limited to 250,000 M$ per day. If it exceeds that, it will not be added. However, you can continue the race itself and get a progress bonus. Let’s save little by little every day..

Money saving

  • Upgrades should be kept to the minimum necessary to win the race
    Don’t upgrade too much. Always improve your driving technique.
  • Do not use gold to reduce delivery time and repair time
    If you want to reduce your waiting time, take advantage of the option to watch ad videos.
  • Use discounts as much as possible to buy a car
    If possible, please purchase for the opportunity of discounting the car price such as showcase discount. Therefore, please keep the purchase funds in advance.
  • Don’t buy more Cars you don’t have an upgrade budget
    No matter how much you get a car at a discount, buying a car will reduce your money. One option is to forgo the purchase in consideration of fund management.
  • Clear special events and get a car for free
    You can get a car for free by completing special events. Don’t forget to prepare upgrade funds in advance. It cannot be completed without some upgrading of the rental car.