BMW time trial in the first series of amateur groups, “Pure Stock Challenge”.
The first BMW to commemorate is the 1 SERIES M COUPE.
The drive of this car is exciting. The exhaust noise produced by the in-line 6-cylinder DOHC twin-turbo engine is also quite good. The transmission is a 6-speed MT only. Try driving in the cockpit view once. The shift operation adds to the sense of presence. The appearance of the over fender is also impressive.

Keep full throttle and perform smooth laps with delicate steering
This trial competes for lap times on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Oval Course. To get closer to the top time, run from start to finish with full throttle. The course shape is very simple, but the cornering speed is high, so delicate driving is required. In fact, a slight difference in the line will cause the tires to squeak and you will lose time.

Participate in a full upgrade
Fully upgrade your car to reach the top in your time trial. This time I tried with a fully upgraded M COUPE. The top was in the 52 seconds range, and the difference from the top was about 0.687 seconds. It’s in the 7000th place, but it’s Group A. that’s OK.

The top 5 rankings at the time of writing this post are as follows.

RankingDriverRecord TimeExt
1Jose A.00:52.931
2Mauricio S.00:53.240
3Beto B00:53.257
5romeo noel00:53.339

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