I got the MAZDA MX-5 ND !

Season 2, Round 4 GAMEONIX MAZDA MX-5 [ND] Completed the Limited Series and won the MX-5. The upgrade was 3333333 PR 28.1. (The PR requirement to compete in the final cup race at level 15 is also 28.1). In the last special event TRACKDAY NISMO R33, I failed to get it (Level 5:2, Bugatti Circuit lap2, couldn’t break 3 minutes and 9 seconds) while fully upgrading the car, so I tried and got MX-5 early this time.

The MX-5 is nimble, has a pleasant engine sound, and is fun to drive. According to actual vehicle data, the car weighs roughly 1000 kg, has a 1.5L DOHC 131 ps/7000 rpm engine, and a power-to-weight ratio of about 8 kg/ps. The agile driving feel produced by the low center of gravity and well-balanced chassis can be felt even in this RR3. For example, it can drive through the chicanes of a Melbourne city race with responsive handling and acceleration.

One thing to watch out for is shifting up in a drag race. It may be due to the lightweight flywheel and gear ratios; you have to shift from 2nd to 3rd gear quickly or you will over-rev. This is a phenomenon that is hard to find in other cars. Well, that doesn’t mean the engine will break down, you just have to get the timing right.

Now, as for the body color, I think Soul Red Premium Metallic would look the most like a MAZDA if it were a city car. If it’s a circuit-spec design, it might be spartan to design it based on the optional colors (5Gold) Jet Black or Snow White.

Once you win an MX-5 in the limited series, Road Collection > Season 2 > “International Street Crash” will be available. So let’s keep racing!

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