Into The F1 world in Real Racing 3・1st day

Motorsport experience starting from F1 The pinnacle of mobile racing games is this Real Racing 3You can enjoy not only F1 but also various motor sports, and the lineup of cars that can drive from road cars to supercars is amazing. Especially in the recent wave of EV, it is a valuable game that you…


I completed the Season 1 Round 4 Special Event “Aston Martin V8 VANTAGE GT2 Limited Series” and won this car! When I first joined the series, I wasn’t willing to pay the high upgrade cost required to get the car, but I liked the car so much while driving that I ended up finishing it….

WTT Porsche 911 RSR (2020)

May 2021, 2nd week, participated in a weekly time trial in Nürburgring with a private Porsche 911 RSR (2020).I have won 13G rewards in the top 50%. I would like to go higher, for example, C rank, and get a lot of rewards. However, I will also need to upgrade my car, so be sure…

I got the Alfa Romeo 4C

I completed the limited-time series “Alfa Romeo 4C Championship” and got Alfa Romeo 4C for free. The PR in the final race is 47.2. I spent 635,400 R$ and 188 Gold to upgrade this car. That said, the car price is 200G, so it’s very reasonable because I could use all of money for upgrades….