Happy 7th Birthday RR3! 240 Z for Free!

Real Racing 3 is celebrating its seventh birthday. I participated in the 7th birthday celebration time trial and won the NISSAN 240Z (S30) R3 SPEC birthday. In 1969, the 240Z appeared on the market. The 240Z features a high-spec, lightweight monocoque body and 4-wheel independent suspension, approaching the market-leading Jaguar E-type and Porsche 911 at…

I got the Alfa Romeo 4C

I completed the limited-time series “Alfa Romeo 4C Championship” and got Alfa Romeo 4C for free. The PR in the final race is 47.2. I spent 635,400 R$ and 188 Gold to upgrade this car. That said, the car price is 200G, so it’s very reasonable because I could use all of money for upgrades….