NISSAN SILVIA (S15) Time Trial

NISSAN SILVIA (S15) Time Trial (AMATEUR / PURE STOCK CHALLENGE/ Brands Hatch Indy Circuit) is the very first time trial of an AMATEUR group and has many participants. Even though it is an AMATEUR group, it is difficult to rank high because there are many veteran drivers participating.

I challenged this Time Trial with a fully upgraded Silvia (PR14.9). The ranking was 25,224. The result was not so good, but was ranked in Group A. 

The top 5 rankings at the time of writing this post are as follows.

Ranking Driver Record Time ext
1 Fikri A. 00:42.376  
2 Azka B. 00:42.385  
3 James S. 00:42.408  
4 Mohd S. 00:42.418  
5 HCDrue 00:42.426  
25226 Author 00:44.968  

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