Run through the fastest! How to find a Racing line for beginner

What is The Racing line?

Driving on the racing line is the fastest way to drive a truck. This is the ideal line where you can enter the corner at the shallowest angle and accelerate quickly. It looks very simple, but it depends on the characteristics of your car, your cornering strategy. Finding the Racing line is difficult for beginners.
The easiest way to know the track’s racing line is to watch the driving replays of the top ranked drivers. You can watch each driver’s replay movie on the Global Leaderboard of the Time Trial.

Striped pattern is the hint of Racing line

I recommend that beginners use the curved stripes as a cornering guide. The curb, painted with red and white (or blue-white) stripes, is installed to keep the car from going off the truck. In other words, the curb often overlaps the turning point of each corner.

When the stripe as a guide, you will be easy to cornering.

suzuka spoon curve

If you can drive smoothly from curb to curb, record update is no doubt.
Good Luck!

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