Suzuka Circuit

  • 8-shaped layout with overpass
  • Overall length 5.859 km (longest in Japan)
  • One of the best technical courses in the world
  • The person who controls the “S” curve controls Suzuka
  • The person who have mastered Suzuka can drive on any circuit in the world

The Suzuka Circuit is provided with a three-dimensional intersection, and the figure of eight is drawn as a whole. This is very rare worldwide. Therefore, the arrangement balance of the left and right corners is good.
In addition, low-speed corners, medium-speed corners, high-speed corners, chicane, S-shaped corners, ascending and descending corners, braking while bending, full braking straight, long straights, and all kinds of situations are included. If you can drive fast on this circuit, you can drive fast on any circuit in the world.

The Grand Prix circuit may be divided into two courses: the East course, where the Dunlop corner rises and returns to the home straight with continuous corners , and the West course, which has pit facilities in the back stretch with a high-speed section.

Suzuka Circuit Driving Guide

The home straight has a gentle downhill slope and the Turn 1 is a high speed corner. Don’t get off the truck.

Consider Turn 1 and Turn 2 as one, and put the car on the inside while braking on Turn 1. The clipping point for Turn 2 is the second half of the curb.

Do not push too much when entering the “S” corner (Turn 3). Imagine driving the center-in-center line rhythmically. The third left corner (Turn 5) drives the car to the left in preparation for the next “Reverse bank” corner.

Note that the “Reverse bank” corner (turn 6) has a smaller bank angle than the other corners and is easy to go off track. The next corner is an uphill slope, so accelerate the car towards the Dunlop corner (Turn 7)

After passing through the Dunlop corner, move the car to the left in preparation for entering Degner 1 (Turn 8). In Degner 1, step on the curb on the inside side to make a shortcut. Speed control is important because if you swell out at high speed, you will go off track.

Be aware that Degner 2 (Turn 9) has a smaller radius than Degner 1 and often goes off track when exiting the corner.

If you’re trying to drive an out-in-out line on a hairpin turn (turn 11), you’ll be firmly on the in-side on the 10th turn just before. This hairpin curve is the slowest corner on the Suzuka Circuit, braking firmly and running on the in line.

The spoon curve is a compound curve with two R’s. At the first corner, slow down the car firmly. There are few landmarks for braking points here. The curb on the right side and the steel tower in front should be the points. At the second corner, the car accelerates towards the next back straight.

The 130R corner after the back straight is the fastest corner in Suzuka. Brake early and accelerate afterwards. Drive the car inward with the image of out-in-in. Be careful not to go off course.

The approach to the first corner of the chicane slows down the car firmly and cuts in the curb. The second is to accelerate the car. If you accelerate smoothly and quickly here, the speed of the car will increase on the home straight.

As mentioned above, I gave the points briefly, but in the game you have to drive a car with different performance. Please practice by repeating the race.