Porsche 918 Spyder Concept


Porsche 918 SPYDER CONCEPT was debuted in the 2010 Geneva Motor Show. This  Porsche’s next generation super sports car is in form of PHV(plug-in hybrid).  The V8 engine is a further development of the highly successful 3.4-liter power unit and positioned mid-ship in front of the rear axle, giving the car the proper set-up for supreme performance on the race track through its good balance. Two electric motors, one on the front and one on the rear axle, added an additional mechanical output of 218 bhp.

918 spyder concept

In Real Racing 3, there are currently seven series in which you can compete with the 918 SPYDER CONCEPT (see table below).

The driving of this car is very comfortable. Smooth acceleration by the powerful motor, driving stability by the 4-wheel drive, and the open-air feeling that only the Spyder can provide. You can also compete in races with high rewards, which will be a great help in earning your money.

The first chance to get this Super car is “Pro/Am: V8 PERFORMANCE BRAWL”.
When you have finished “V8 PERFORMANCE BRAWL”, then LEGEND category’s “SPYDER SHOWDOWN” is unlocked.
For LEGEND category’s race prize money and Fame are relatively expensive, high reward comes together with the daily bonus when drive a car in the first race of each day.

 PRO/AM V8 Performance Brawl
 ELITE Porsche Ascendancy 
 ELITE Supercar Clash
 ELITE Supercar Elite
 LEGEND Spyder Showdown
 LEGEND Hybrid Hypercar Clash
 LEGEND Concept vs Production


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