How to hire a crew?

First, increase your Garage value!

  • Increase your Garage Value to hire a racing crew.
  • The results of hiring only appear in the races that you won.
  • Hiring in high winning prize races is effective.
  •  It is effective to hire crews in races with daily bonuses!

RR3 has crew team you can rely on.

Manager :Michael ; Double the winning R$ of the winning race.

Agent:Natalia ; Winning fame has doubled!

Engineer:Eric ; Winning will recover machine damage.

To hire them, you have to increase your “garage value”, that is, increase the number of race cars you own and the value of upgrading.
Now, when you raise your garage value, you will get an offer hire them.

However, you won’t get the above benefits unless you “win” the race in which they were hired. You need 1 gold each to hire them, but if you are not in first place, the gold you paid to hire them will be forfeited.
Sometime, there are free offers, so please challenge.

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